The Oxford Nanopore MinION is generating some truly staggering read-lengths.

Keith Robison has summarised many of the major advances of the past few months; MinKNOW increasing yield by reducing pore blockage with a “nano-Heimlich manoeuvre” which increases yields to 10Gb (ONT’s CSO Clive Brown has self reported 20Gb), the SCRAPPIE basecaller reducing errors to 1 in 500, direct methylation analysis and of course Josh’s huge read.

Robison says “the highest output desktop sequencer is now MinION!”

On March 6th Nick released this data (I’m not sure what the median read-length was?)

Today I put up a poll on Twitter asking how quickly we’d see a 1MB read…the poll is still live if you’d like to complete it

So far the response is pretty bullish that 1Mb is just around the corner. I even had to update the poll because of Nicks notice that they’s got an 882kb read last night. Thats an increase of 111kb in under 48 hours!?!

I think Mark Akeson’s reply sums it up perfectly!

Where is ONT headed?

If you’d like to know more bout the otput on minION (and hopefully get an update on promethION) then Clive’s presenting a webinar on MinION performance next week on March 14th 3pm GMT.