The Genomics Core is making space for some new equipment and so we’re clearing out some instruments we no longer use. If you are interested drop me a line…sale must end Friday December 4th.

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Little Dipper: Automates the washing and processing of Agilent and Illumina microarrays. The Little Dipper controls wash time, agitation, buffer temperatures and drying using an integrated centrifuge. Batches of 1 to 24 slides are processed following manufacturer recommended conditions. Comes with pre-loaded protocols for aCGH, gene expression, miRNA and ChIP-chip applications. Was in ful working order, but not used for over 12 months
BeadArray scanner and autoloader: The BeadArray Reader is a laser scanning confocal microscope system that provides the ability to scan high-density BeadChips. Broken, but the autoloader, including a Twister II arm, were in full working order when last used about two years ago. 
HiSeq 2000: not upgradeable to V4 chemistry and unused for two years.
GAIIx paired-end module: Yikes, this was found in a cupboard and has probably been unused for about five years!