17 03, 2017

MinION or GridION for your core lab

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Clive Brown presented a webinar on Tuesday with multiple updates on Oxford Nanopore technology, Keith Robison covered them all over at OmicsOmics, but I’ll just be focussing on the launch of GridION X5. If you want to know more about GridION, PromethION, Throughput, 1D^2 Chemistry, Basecalling, the FPGA Basecalling Accelerator, and a […]

22 02, 2017

NeoPrep is dead….what does this mean for Illumina

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Illumina have finally dropped the NeoPrep from their lineup after a short but pretty rocky road. Launched at AGBT15 the instrument promised hassle free library prep automation for users that did not require full 96well plate production-scale solutions. Early access users I spoke to at […]

26 01, 2017

(almost) everything you wanted to know about @illumina NovaSeq…and some stuff you didn’t

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Introducing NovaSeq This is the first part of a 2 part blog. Part 1 “everything you wanted to know about NovaSeq” covers the technical aspects of NovaSeq, Illumina’s latest sequencer launched on Jan 9th 2017. The instrument is very clearly the next proper step in Illumina technology, which […]

9 02, 2014

Wet-lab, dry-lab or moist-lab

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Wet-lab: your traditional research lab with lots going on at the bench (often collaborating with dry-labs).Dry-lab: A computational or mathematical lab focusing on analysis of other peoples data (sometimes collaborating with dry-labs).Moist-lab: the new style of lab with both wet- and dry-staff, working together with […]

6 03, 2013

The joy of grant funding for NGS

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At regular intervals throughput the year I am asked for some help with costing next-gen sequencing experiments in grant proposals. The request usually comes towards the middle of the week leaving only a day or two before the deadline but that’s just how we work […]

30 08, 2011

The NIH view on core facilities Part 2: what does it mean for you and I

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What should a core offer?          The authors of the Science TranslationalMedicine paper list four things a core needs: (i) sophisticated instruments, (ii)staff expertise in their operation, (iii) expertise in analysing the data and (iv) an ability to provide advice through consultation with users.           In […]

30 08, 2011

The NIH view on core facilities

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A recent commentary article in Science TranslationalMedicine on core facilities is probably of interest to those other core lab directors reading my blog. I wanted to look at some of the points they raise and give my thoughts as a core facility director.Gregory Faber from […]

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