19 04, 2024

@tagomics epigenomic profiling of non-methylated CpG’s

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A new company, Tagomics, have a very interesting pre-print: Epigenomic profiling of active regulatory elements by enrichment of unmodified CpG dinucleotides that describes their novel epigenomic profiling approach called “Active-Seq”, a bisulfite-free method designed to enrich unmethylated DNA as opposed to enriching methylated (e.g. MeDIP, GH) or everything […]

15 03, 2024

2024 @novonordiskfond prize to Solexa: This is why we need a pub at Addenbrookes

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NGS would not exist without the important discussions at The Panton Arms where Illumina Next-Generation sequencing was invented…sort of. Professors Sir David Klenerman and Sir Shankar Balasubramanian are being honoured with the 2024 Novo Nordisk Prize for their pioneering work on Solexa sequencing. This led to the $1000 […]

21 02, 2024

Pushing past current sensitivity limits in liquid biopsy

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Current liquid biopsy diagnostics, and novel uses such as MRD and Molecular Response analysis, are limited by the amount of ctDNA in a typical patients plasma. ctDNA levels vary across indications (Bettegowda 2014) and generally increase with disease stage. ctDNA is released by tumor cell turnover […]

17 08, 2023

Mathias Mann Makes Multiomics Mega

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Apparently you can do Proteomics from Qiagen AllPrep: in In depth profiling of the cancer proteome from the flowthrough of standard RNA-preparation kits for precision oncology, from Mathias Mann’s Proteomics group in Denmark, the authors presents their modifications to Qiagen’s AllPrep (DNA, RNA and protein) […]

6 03, 2023

#AGBT’23: Illumina

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Continuing with my summary of what happened at #AGBT23 here’s my round up of the big announcements from Illumina. Of course whilst much of the data presented at the meeting was generated on an Illumina sequencer there was a very significant amount of non-Illumina data […]

23 02, 2023

@illumina came out fighting at JPM’22 with short and long punches – but I forgot to hit “post”!

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Sorry this one is over a year late – but I needed to link to it for my more recent AGBT post!James Illumina has been hugely successful in developing SBS chemistry but their lack of competition in short-read sequencing is being challenged by long-term players […]

16 02, 2023

#AGBT23: what was hot in the hottest NGS tech conference?

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I recently returned from the AGBT meeting in Sunny Florida (where it was hot) just 8 months after last years COVID delayed event. That event saw the launch of multiple new Sequencing Companies: Element Bio, Singular Genomics, and Ultima Genomics (the $100 genome company). And […]

29 09, 2022

Illumina hits back with Supernova-Seq (I wish)

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Illumina’s Innovation Roadmapjust finished and the team presented a whole lot of excitement with the new instruments: NovaSeq XPlus (available Q1 2023) and NovaSeq X (later) running XPLEAP-SBS (coming in early 2024 to NextSeq 1000 & 2000 on a new, higher output P4 flow cell) to […]

10 01, 2022

@SingularGenomic is coming to a core facility near you in 2022

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The new G4 benchtop sequencer from Singular Genomics is here. Sept 17th 2021 saw the first picture of the G4 in the wild from Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center (see below). For anyone still recovering from a 2021 New Year’s hangover, the G4 is a […]

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