When I wrote the post about the $1000 genome’s upcoming 5th birthday last Summer I was hoping the Moore’s Law genome graph would restart it’s downward trajectory. That has not happened according to todays look at their graphic.

I’m beginning to wonder how long we’ll continue to see this $1000 figure touted as the price as it has not moved on the NHGRI site? The announcements last year for the UK BioBank 500k project suggest a figure of £400 (just over $500) is available at the population scale. So a 10th birthday look unlikely!


Where can you get a genome sequenced today?

Dantelabs is one of the providers who offer personal genome services and they start at £599 for their 30X service, or £849 for the 30X+130X and go up to just £999 for their all panels package , which includes comprehensive reporting.

Sequencing.com offer their Ultimate Genome Sequencing service at $599 (on offer right now at just $399) and sell various analysis apps.

Veritas offer myGenome costing $600

Full Genomes offer 30x WGS at $1150

MapMyGenome in India offer the Genomepatri test (but I could not find pricing)

Gene-by-gene offer 30x WGS

Helix offer the Exome+ (not WGS but close enough if you care about many disease variants). The model is quite different with your exome being sequenced for just $80 but you end up paying for Apps to get various analyses back.

DNAfit also offer an exome service called Circle available at £499 (also on offer today for £374.25) and they follow a similar model with various Health Apps available to purchase.

Want to go further Chronomics offer epigenetics testing via WGMS (backed by Prof Dame Janet Thornton none-the-less). As does Epigencare; I dithered over adding them due to their Skintelli method (skin-targeted epigenetic marker sequencing) being targeted to just 40 markers.


PS: If I missed anyone please let me know.

PPS: If any of the above companies want to send me a free kit for testing I’ll happily write up a warts and all review!