20 07, 2018

What do people know about genome sequencing and medicine?

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Genomes, exomes, panels. Patients, doctors and the general public are hearing about things that simply didn’t exist 10 years ago. IO therapy is big news but TMB, a likely biomarker for immunotherapy response, is a simple concept often poorly explained. It is clear that a […]

22 03, 2018

Mulder and Scully would have done wonderful things with a MinION.

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For readers of this blog who don’t remember The X-files the reference may be lost on you, but the work published in Genome Research today will not. In Whole-genome sequencing of Atacama skeleton shows novel mutations linked with dysplasia Gary Nolan’s group at Stanford report on […]

19 09, 2011

My genome analysis part 1

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It’s my birthday in a few weeks and I thought I’d get myself genotyped by 23andMe as a birthday present to myself.The lab I run offers genotyping and whole genome sequencing so it feels a bit crazy to be sending this out to a company […]

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