9 02, 2014

Wet-lab, dry-lab or moist-lab

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Wet-lab: your traditional research lab with lots going on at the bench (often collaborating with dry-labs).Dry-lab: A computational or mathematical lab focusing on analysis of other peoples data (sometimes collaborating with dry-labs).Moist-lab: the new style of lab with both wet- and dry-staff, working together with […]

6 03, 2013

The joy of grant funding for NGS

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At regular intervals throughput the year I am asked for some help with costing next-gen sequencing experiments in grant proposals. The request usually comes towards the middle of the week leaving only a day or two before the deadline but that’s just how we work […]

30 08, 2011

The NIH view on core facilities Part 2: what does it mean for you and I

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What should a core offer?          The authors of the Science TranslationalMedicine paper list four things a core needs: (i) sophisticated instruments, (ii)staff expertise in their operation, (iii) expertise in analysing the data and (iv) an ability to provide advice through consultation with users.           In […]

30 08, 2011

The NIH view on core facilities

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A recent commentary article in Science TranslationalMedicine on core facilities is probably of interest to those other core lab directors reading my blog. I wanted to look at some of the points they raise and give my thoughts as a core facility director.Gregory Faber from […]

25 06, 2011

What sort of user are you?

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Back in April Tales of the Genomic Repairman discussed five core facility stereotypes; Core of ill-repute, High $ Hooka core, the Waiting by the phone for the core to call core, the High maintenance core and the Easy core next door. I hope my users see […]

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