Transposon Sequencing or Insertion Sequencing

Tn-seq (van Opijnen et al., 2009) and INSeq (Goodman et al., 2009) are nearly identical methods that determine quantitative genetic interactions accurately. INSeq includes a polyacrylamide gel purification step following adapter ligation and PCR, whereas Tn_seq requires agarose gel purification (van Opijnen et al., 2013). In this method, a transposon with flanking Mmel digestion sites is transposed into bacteria which, after culturing, can help detect the frequency of mutations within the transposon. After MmeI digestion and subsequent adapter ligation, PCR amplification and sequencing can provide information about the transposon insertion sites.


  • Can study mutational frequency of transposons
  • Can be used to deduce fitness of genes within microorganisms
  • Robust, reproducible, and sensitive


  • Limited to bacterial studies
  • Errors during PCR amplification can lead to inaccurate sequence reads


Illumina Library prep and Array Kit Selector


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