Nucleosome Occupancy Methylome-Sequencing

NOMe-Seq is a single-molecule, high-resolution nucleosome positioning assay (Han et al., 2011). This method is based on the ability of the GpC methyltransferase M.CviPI to methylate GpC sites that are not bound by nucleosomes, to create a digital footprint of nucleosome positioning. M.CviPI can map nucleosome positions at CpG-poor promoters, irrespective of their endogenous methylation status.

In this method, native chromatin is treated with M.CviPI, following which the DNA is treated with sodium bisulfite and subjected to WGBS. From these data, CpG methylation patterns as well as nucleosome-free regions (GpC methylation) can be identified (Wallner et al., 2016)


  • High resolution



Illumina Library prep and Array Kit Selector


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