Individual Nucleotide Resolution CLIP

iCLIP maps protein-RNA interactions, in a process similar to HITS-CLIP and PAR-CLIP (Konig et al., 2010). This approach includes additional steps to digest the proteins after crosslinking and to map the crosslink sites with reverse transcriptase.

In iCLIP, specific crosslinked RNA-protein complexes are immunoprecipitated. The complexes are treated with proteinase K, as the protein crosslinked at the binding site remains undigested. Upon RT, cDNA truncates at the binding site and is circularized. These circularized fragments are linearized and PCR-amplified. Deep sequencing of these amplified fragments provides nucleotide resolution of the protein-binding site eCLIP is an improvement over iCLIP that avoids circularizing the cDNA to reduce artifacts (Van Nostrand et al., 2016).

Other versions: HITS-CLIP, PAR-CLIP, eCLIP, irCLIP


  • Nucleotide resolution of protein-binding sites
  • Avoids the use of nucleases
  • Amplification allows the detection of rare events


  • Antibodies not specific to target will precipitate nonspecific complexes
  • Nonlinear PCR amplification can lead to biases affecting reproducibility
  • Artifacts may be introduced in the circularization step
  • Radioisotopes required for visualization of UV-crosslinked protein-RNA complexes only label 5′ ends (Zarnegar et al., 2016)
  • Circular ligation can be inefficient (Van Nostrand et al., 2016)


Illumina Library prep and Array Kit Selector


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