Specific Locus Amplified Fragment Sequencing

SLAF-seq is an optimized version of ddRADseq, specifically intended for large-scale genotyping experiments (Sun et al., 2013). The enzymes and the sizes of the restriction fragments are optimized with training data to ensure even distribution and avoid repeats. The fragments are also selected over a tight range, to optimize PCR amplification. The protocol is similar to ddRAD, with a first digestion with MseI, heat inactivation, and a second digestion with AluI. The resulting fragments are PCR-amplified, adapters are added, and the fragments are purified to produce the sequencing library.


  • Deep sequencing for genotyping accuracy
  • Reduced-representation strategy to reduce sequencing costs
  • Predesigned reduced-representation scheme to optimize marker efficiency
  • Double barcode system for large populations


  • Does not cover the whole genome


Illumina Library prep and Array Kit Selector


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