scATAC-Seq (Microfluidics variation)

Single-Cell Assay for Transposase-Accessible Chromatin

This version of scATAC-seq is integrated into a programmable microfluidics platform (Buenrostro et al., 2015). The method is similar to scATAC-seq (combinatorial indexing version), which relies on indexing to identify single cells (Cusanovich et al., 2015). In this protocol the cells are captured in a fluidics device, lysed, and treated with Tn5 transposases. The ends of the Tn5 fragments are extended, and the fragments are PCR-amplified with dual-index primers, pooled, purified, and sequenced.


  • Maps the accessible genome of individual cells


  • Requires dedicated fluidics


Illumina Library prep and Array Kit Selector


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