Detect 5hmC Marks in Single Cells With AbaSI Nuclease

scAba-seq is a single-cell, genome-wide, and strand-specific 5hmC sequencing technology (Mooijman et al., 2016). 5hmC marks in DNA from individual cells are glucosylated with T4 phage _-glucosyltransferase (T4-_GT_, and the DNA is digested with the restriction endonuclease AbaSI. The digested DNA is ligated to an adapter containing a cell-specific barcode, an Illumina 5_ adapter, and a T7 promoter. The ligated DNA from different cells is pooled and amplified using in vitro transcription mediated by T7 RNA polymerase.


  • Determines strand-specific 5hmC marks in individual cells



Illumina Library prep and Array Kit Selector


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Mooijman D., Dey S. S., Boisset J. C., Crosetto N. and van Oudenaarden A. Single-cell 5hmC sequencing reveals chromosome-wide cell-to-cell variability and enables lineage reconstruction. Nat Biotechnol. 2016;34:852-856