Oxidative Bisulfite Sequencing

oxBS-Seq differentiates between 5mC and 5hmC (Booth et al., 2012). In this method, 5hmC is oxidized to 5fC with a selective chemical agent, while 5mC remains unchanged. Sodium bisulfite treatment of 5fC results in its deamination to uracil which, upon sequencing, is read as a thymidine. Deep sequencing of oxBS-treated DNA and sequence comparison of treated vs untreated libraries can identify 5hmC locations at single-base resolution.


  • Covers CpG and non-CpG methylation throughout the genome at single-base resolution
  • Covers 5mC in dense and less dense repeat regions
  • Clearly differentiates between 5mC and 5hmC


  • Harsh oxidation conditions lead to a substantial loss of DNA (99.5%)
  • Must be combined with BS-Seq in order to distinguish and quantify C, 5mC, and 5hmC


Illumina Library prep and Array Kit Selector


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